A.6. Changes from XMLUnit 1.5 to 1.6

A.6.1. Breaking Changes

  • In cases of ATTR_NAME_NOT_FOUND and CHILD_NODE_NOT_FOUND differences the value used to be the local name of the missing attribute or node. It will now be a Java5-QName-like {NS-URI}LOCAL-NAME string if the attribute or node belonged to an XML namespace. Issue 65

A.6.2. New Features

  • New assertXpathEvaluatesTo overloads in XMLAssert and a new QualifiedName class can be used to assert the stringified result of an XPath expression is actually a qualified name. Feature Request 25

A.6.3. Important Bug Fixes

  • The JAXP 1.3 based validator ignored xsi:namespaceLocation and xsi:noNamespaceLocation attributes. They will now be used if you don't specify any sources at all, but are still ignored if you specify any schema sources - since this is the way javax.xml.validation works. Issue 64
  • When an attribute cannot be found (a ATTR_NAME_NOT_FOUND difference) the XPath on the side where the attribute exists will now point to the attribute itself rather than its owning element. Feature Request 33